Last Saturday

Marilyn talked about how much Her grandson enjoys your horse ranch and how early he woke up on Saturday to get ready. She said that if they had the money to buy him a horse, they'd buy one in a heartbeat. The effects of horse therapy are priceless :-)

Ricks House of Hope


Dear Michele
Thank you for letting Angela work with you at Juan Diez Rancheros this past summer. She enjoyed it so much. As you may remember, Angela has been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. She has significant behavioral problems at home and at school. In fact the first time we stopped by your facility, I had just picked Angela up after she was suspended from school that day. These disorders cause Angela to have a lot of Anxieties, problems controlling her emotions (fits of rage) and low self-esteem. When Angela was working with you she was focused, happy, and helpful. It was a very positive experience which she is very proud of. Thank you again for all that you do for the children, the horses, and for Angela! Angela looks forward to coming back during the summer break from high school. Thanks Again.

Davenport Iowa December 2011


My name is Rosie Alonso and my 12 year old son, Daniel has been attending Juan Diez Rancheros for a few months now. I was referred to Juan Diez Rancheros from a co-worker. They knew of Daniel's problem and thought it to be a great idea! Daniel had developed what we thought was just a defiance issue, and would not go to school. After getting him to his pediatrician and then a therapist, we found out that there was a lot more to it than just that. Daniel has depression and anxiety (which we have been told his vision problem causes the low self-esteem, and probably has contributed to that).

These conditions have caused Daniel to develop a phobia, with regard to school and the 'what if's'. The first day we were there, I knew that it was going to be wonderful for Daniel. Michele had taken Daniel and myself on a tour of the ranch when we first arrived and introduced him to each of the horses and ponies. After the introduction, I let Daniel go with Michele to explore. He was told to choose a horse that would be 'his'. Well, he picked Sienna. She had a bit of a sad story behind her. As Daniel and I drove away that first day, he told me something interesting.

He told me that he chose Sienna because she is blind in one eye and kind of shy's away from people because of that. Daniel said that was special to him as he has a lazy eye and he is almost legally blind in that eye, and that has been a cause for low self-esteem for him. He got a huge grin on his face and said that they were 'connected'. I have seen wonderful progress in Daniel. He is not as shy as before, and I love that, because he smiles a lot more! He has a lot more patience than before, and a feeling of responsibility. He loves to know that he is a part of 'bettering' someone else, in this case, the horses and ponies that are at Michele's place.

After hearing each of his new found friends' stories, I think he has opened his heart to love…and that is wonderful, because I think Daniel had gotten used to closing out others around him. He is going to school now, with no hesitation and has made many friends (and he has told all of them about 'his' horse) making friends had always been a struggle for Daniel. He looks forward to every Saturday, 'his' day, as he calls it. I think that this has been so beneficial for Daniel, and I cannot thank Michele and her helpers enough!!
Thank you,
Rosie Alonso


The biggest thing that she has learned was not just to regurgitate what she'd been told or taught, but to actually find that she could put her hands on what she needed. By coming and working with the horses few times, she was able to figure out that she had to do what was right for her. Not just what Mom would do, or Dad would do to comfort her, she had to find her own comfort. That was her breakthrough, she wasn't coping before, she wasn't using what she knew in the moment she needed it. Here with the horses, they play different games, and they set up different scenarios, and the animals become a person.

The animals are alive and can sense what she is feeling and kind of fill the gap for her. It isn't just a play time, it's a living being that she can put through the scenarios and she has to be the one that is in control. So I think the piece that has helped in her regular counseling sessions is that we are not just talking about different things that can come up, she's doing them. We were at the store and they had plastic animal figures, she wanted the horses. She wanted the one that looked like Juni and the one that looked like Chancho. She has them in her bedroom and she makes up the different scenarios, and I really think that is important. She is really taking it in and taking it to heart. It's been invaluable for us to have a peaceful home life now. It's been two years of bouncing back and forth and we really have never gotten to that next level, or over that hump and I can finally say after two years I finally have my child back, at least she is not hurting the way that she was.
Her Mother

Kara Fedje

Dear Michele, Thank you so very much for having the Putnam Museum Summer Campers at your Ranch. When we walked by the Ranch, I didn't know how much there was to explore, especially for young children. However, the campers loved petting the horses, seeing the Prairie Dogs, and trying to find Tadpoles in your pond. We all loved your Ranch! Also, Thank You for a nice question and answer session. We noticed how well you worked with the Children. It is great to have such a kind neighbor. We look forward to seeing you again soon! Thanks Again! Sincerely,
Kara Fedje
Director of Children's Education Putnam Museum

CF Youth Hope

Dear Michele,
Thanks so much to Juan Diez Rancheros for providing amazing, life changing experiences for our children! The kids are still talking about driving their horses! Most of our children had never been up close with a horse, let alone been able to ride one! We loved the kids' smiles! Your gentleness and guidance helped their hard masks fall off for a time of fun. Michele, you are what makes this program work! We were so impressed with your endless patience and genuine caring for our children. You filled the children's love buckets up with your wise and encouraging words! When we talked this week about being afraid, and how God is always with you several children brought up the horses! You never rushed the children: you made every one of them feel precious and special! AND thanks for persevering through those hot, hot days! Thank You again and again for helping our children have precious summer memories that will last for a lifetime. We pray that you will be blessed abundantly! Sincerely,
Barb Montgomery Children's Director, CF Youth Hope
Jennifer Kabel Children's Assistant, CF Youth Hope 9/15/2011

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